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Quality Replacement Filters For Less

(See also: Water Filters)

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We would like to introduce our All-Fluoropolymer Filter Cartridge series.  Our filter cartridges feature a PTFE membrane with PFA structural components, to provide excellent chemical and temperature resistance for microelectronics applications.  The applications include aggressive chemicals used in etching, stripping and cleaning processes, as well as filtration of bulk chemical delivery systems, requiring the upmost cleanliness and compatibility.

The all-fluoropolymer construction provides for the highest level of fluid purity and will exhibit rapid rinse-up to 18 M Ω-cm resistivity and single digit ppb levels of TOC.  Our cartridges are manufactured in an ISO cleanroom and 100% integrity tested to ensure performance standards.

Our filters compete with the three significant competitors in the marker: Pall, Entegris and Parker.  Our filter series offers a similar level of performance against the competitors, while we believe, offering a more competitive price point.

Our filters are available in 10” through 40”, in 0.05, 0.1, and 0.2 micron applications.  Teflon encapsulated Viton is the standard O-ring, with more exotic options such as Chemraz® and Kalrez® available upon request.  A prewet option is available, to eliminate the need for the end user to use isopropyl alcohol in their process, with is a source of TOC.

Please contact us today with your requirements, and let us see what we can do for you.



The Filter Store Plus offers the widest liquid cartridge selections available

The Filter Store, Inc. has a full range of liquid filters to fit all of your critical filtration needs. We have a full range of media selection such as Polypropylene, PTFE Membrane, Asymmetric Polyethersulfone Membrane, glass fiber, and even titanium porous metal. Our liquid filters come in styles such as Absolute Rated, Pleated Depth, Meltblown, and even Stringwound.

Depending on the filter, we have micron ratings in 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.25, 0.45, 0.5, 0.65, 1.0, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 5.0, 10.0, 25.0, 50.0 and 100.0 micron. Our liquid filters also come in a range of dimensions such as 9.75”, 10”, 20”, 30” and 40”.

Our liquid filters have a variety of end connections such as Double Open End, Double Open End with internal O-rings, Single Open End with two 226 O-rings, Single Open End with two 222 O-rings, Single Open End with two 226 O-rings and bomb fin, Single Open End with two 222 O-rings and bomb fin, and an Ametek Style with internal O-rings.

We can cross, or supply, many of the major manufacturers of liquid filters such as Graver, 3M Cuno, GE Osmonics, Pall, Filterite, Meissner, Millipore, Parker, Domnick Hunter, Ametek, Pentek, and many others. Our filters are used all over the world in many different applications including Semiconductor Ultrapure Water, High Purity Water, Pharmaceutical Water, Paint, Perfume, Beer Filtration, Wine Filtration, Bottled Water, Cutting Oil, CMP Slurries, Magnetic Slurries, Corn Syrup, Plating Solutions, Pre-Reverse Osmosis applications and many others.

Let us provide a replacement liquid filter for you. If you have the manufacturer and part number, just fill out that information on our QUOTE REQUEST FORM. If you do not have that information, but do know information about the liquid filter you are looking for, please answer as many of the questions that accompany the form, and we will do our best to ‘build’ you a filter. We look forward to hearing from you. Please click here and send us your request for liquid filters -- or any filter type you need.

Stringwound Liquid Filter CartridgesStringwound Cartridges

Stringwound Cartridges are an excellent low cost liquid filter cartridge.  Stringwound Cartridges are available in several particle retentions, materials and lengths to meet your requirements.  Bleached cotton and polypropylene are FDA acceptable.  Glass is highly resistant to corrosive agents and withstands temperatures to 750 degrees F

Stringwound Filter Cartridges are available in Bleached and Natural Cotton, Polypropylene, and Glass media, with cores available in Polypropylene, Stainless and Tin steel. 

Quantities: 5" - 10" 30 per case.
  20" and above 15 per case.


Melt Blown Liquid Filter CartridgesMelt Blown CartridgesMelt Blown Cartridges

Melt Blown Cartridges feature graded density construction, which captures particles throughout the entire cross section of the cartridge and reduces surface blinding, which can occur in stringwound cartridges. These liquid filter cartridges also eliminate the need for anti-static agents required by the stringwound manufacturing process. Melt Blown Cartridges are available in several particle retentions from 1 to 75 with polypropylene construction.

Pleated CartridgesPleated Cartridges

Pleated liquid filter cartridges have 8 to 15 times the filtering area of stringwound or meltblown cartridges. More filtering area means the filters will last longer (3-7 times the life). Pleated Cartridges are available in several particle retentions from 0.5 to 25. 100% polypropylene and 100% polyester are available to meet your requirements. Dimensions: 1-1/16" ID X 2-5/8" OD; lengths: 9-7/8", 20", 30" and 40". Call for part numbers and price.


Pleated Membrane CartridgesPleated Membrane Cartridges

Pleated membrane filters are used in the most critical of high purity applications. They excel at removing sub-micron particles including bacteria from solutions down to 0.03 micron. Membrane materials available include nylon, polyethersulphone, Teflon and polypropylene. Pleated membrane liquid filter cartridges can also be used in air and gas applications where extreme cleanliness is required.

Activated Carbon Cartridges Activated Carbon Cartridges

Activated Carbon Cartridges remove undesirable chlorine taste and discoloration. These liquid filters are pre-washed to guarantee no Carbon Bleedoff. 10 micron solids removal for visibly clear water. Approximately 3.7 oz. of a finely pulverized blend of activated carbon effectively removes chlorine and other foreign tastes, and most water discoloration. Flow up to 3 gallons per minute. Catalog Number is 3545-FB.

Stainless Steel Mesh CartridgesStainless Steel Mesh Cartridges  5 Micron Stainless Steel Cylindrical Inventory Special

Stainless Steel Mesh Cartridges are 300 series stainless steel elements available in both cylindrically wrapped or pleated for maximum filtering area. A large selection of meshes adds flexibility to your liquid filtering process, from 5 to 280 micron. No epoxy or silver braising is used in these elements. Collapse pressure is 65 PSI differential. Versions without gaskets are rated to over 1000 degrees F. Versions with gaskets have temperature rating limited by gasket material.

If you have any questions, contact us at 800-828-1494. 

Disclaimer: The Filter Store, Inc. is an aftermarket supplier only.  We are not in any way affiliated with the OEM Manufacturers listed.  Manufacturer's names are for reference only.  We supply Filter Store Brand filters only.

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