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Quality Replacement Filters For Less



Dust Collector Filter Cartridge Styles

The Filter Store offers a complete line of dust collection filter cartridges to meet all of your filtration requirements.


We have filter cartridges in all of the major media types, such as:

     - 80/20 Blended Cellulose Polyester
     - Spunbond Polyester Blend
     - Spunbond Fire Rated
     - PTFE
     - Fiberglass
     - Specialty Medias Available on Request



The features of construction of The Filter Store filter cartridges include:

     - Cartridge bodies built to withstand various pressures
     - Deeper Pleat Depth for maximum dirt holding
     - Bands added, where necessary, to support pleats during
pulse cycle
     - Gaskets adhered completely to the end cap to prevent
     - Pre-Filters can be added to extend filter life

The Filter Store now has a line of Oval Replacement Filters with Advanced Nanofiber Filtration Technology.

Dust Collector Oval Filters

  •      Now you can replace the filter elements in your Donaldson Downflo® Oval Dust Collector.
  •      Our elements feature Nanofibers that are 50% finer than OEM and a Merv 15 efficiency rating, the highest in the industry.

Features and Benefits:
  •           Industry’s smallest fibers give superior filtration efficiency (Merv 15), reducing emissions for cleaner air and a healthier work environment.
  •          Surface loading performance allows the particulate to pulse off the surface layer while the media remains clean.
  •          Lower initial pressure drop over the life of the filter allowing less overall system energy costs
  •           Unmatched release properties mean fewer pulses and less compressed air usage.
  •           No messy pre-coating materials required.
The Filter Store now has a line of filters with Advanced Nanofiber Filtration Technology for Weld Fume/Smoke applications.
Weld / Fume Filters

-         Now add the clean-air performance of our Advanced Nanofiber Filtration Technology to your Lincoln Electric Mobiflex™ 200-M or Mobiflex 400-MS, or other brand of weld-fume extractor.
-         Manufactured with the smallest fibers in the industry, our Nanofiber filters provide top efficiency and more protection against submicron (0.3 to 0.7 microns) weld-fume particulate.
-         Removing these small, breathable particles makes for a safer, more productive environment, with full OSHA and EPA compliance.
-         Our superior release characteristics, over standard depth-loading media, makes it more effective during pulse-cleaning cycles and offers lower pressure drop.
-         By not absorbing hydrocarbons inherent in weld fumes, our filters last longer and reduce disposal costs.



Typical applications for Dust Collection include:

     - Food Applications
     - Woodworking
     - Grain
     - Plastics & Rubber
     - Metal Grinding
     - Weld Fumes
     - Pharmaceutical
     - Blasting (sand, steel, etc.)
     - Foundries
     - Battery Plants
     - Mining
     - Chemical
     - Powder Coating
     - ... and many others




The Filter Store carries replacements for the following:

AAF Action Filtration
Aercology Air Refiner
Airguard American Lincoln
Apel Casco
Champion labs Chemco
Donaldson Dust Hog
Endustra Environmental
Farr Farr Gold Series
Filtration Systems Fleetguard
Gore Guradian Air
Hoffman Air IFM
MAC Micro Air
MPF Nordson
Pneumafil TDC
Torit UAS
Wagner Wheelabrator
Wix ... and many others




Pleated Bag Filters
The Filter Store has now expanded their line of standard bags for dust collection to include pleated bags for dusthouse applications.
The features of construction of The Filter Store Dust Collection Pleated Bag Filter Cartridges include:



     - Twice the filtration area of conventional fabric bag filters
     - Lower initial and operating pressure drops
     - Easier pulse cleaning for lower compressed air costs
     - Compact size to speed removal and installation
     - Top and bottom load options
     - Molded urethane top construction
     - Fits most standard tubesheet designs






Disclaimer: The Filter Store, Inc. is an aftermarket supplier only.  We are not in any way affiliated with the OEM Manufacturers listed.  Manufacturer's names are for reference only.  We supply Filter Store Brand filters only.











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