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How long will my filter last / How many gallons will it filter?


By far our most often asked question, and also the hardest question for us to answer.  There is no real way for us to answer this question accurately, as with Home Brewing, everyone’s process is a little (or a lot) different.  The smallest micron size that the human eye can detect is in the 30 to 40 micron range, which is like the thickness of a hair.  With a filter for 0.5 micron, you are talking about something that is 60-80 times smaller than what we can see.  So if there is visible sediment in the beer prior to filtering, it’s considerably large.


The filter will do it’s job, and filter out anything larger than 0.5 micron, but in the process all of the microscopic pores in that filter will plug, eventually to the point that no more beer can even pass through the filter.  This happens each time you filter, and even with proper cleaning and back flushing, some pores will remain plugged.  That is why the filter is not infinitely cleanable.  Over time, you won’t be able to flow that much beer through the filter and it will have to be replaced.  So the more sediment in the beer to begin with, the quicker this process will happen.


But your website says that it will filter 250 gallons?


Our website states that it’s been known to handle 250 gallons, and it has.  We have had customers in the past that were able to get this kind of life out of our filter, but they also did so by filtering under the best possible conditions.  They did everything they could, including some prefiltering, to make sure that the filter was ‘clean’ before getting to our final filter.  We use this as an example of what’s been achieved with our filter, but not necessarily what you may get without a lot of extra effort in your process. 


Do you have locations overseas where I can buy your kit?


No, our only location is here in upstate New York, but we ship from here all over the world.  For overseas shipments, we typically send via Airmail Parcel Post International or some variation of that from our Post Office.  We find this to be the most economical way to ship, while still arriving in a timely manner.  That doesn’t mean that we can’t ship via other methods.  Please let us know if you would like us to pursue another shipping method for your shipment.


How much does the kit cost to ship?


There is no set shipping cost.  Please contact us with where you would like us to ship to, and we will get a quote for you on the cost of shipment.  In the US, we typically ship via UPS.  Outside of the US, we use some sort of mail service, but with either, we can quote you a shipping cost in a timely manner.


Does your kit come with everything I will need to connect it to two Cornelius Kegs?


No, not completely.  The kit comes with the housing, the element which you request, two hose barb x ¾” connections to go to the housing, and two 3 foot sections of tubing.  You also get a filter housing wrench included at no cost, to ease in the assembly and disassembly of the kit.  What is not included are the connections for the two sections of tubing to your kegs.  There are at least two different styles of keg connections, so we decided to not make this part of the kit.  Those are left to you.



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